The Fable

Cheers to that MOMENT. The moment you discover  they lied all along. To the crumbling of words and to the lifting of the veils of hypocrisy. Cheers to knowing you were not the first and will not be the last. To all the lies you spoon fed me and then for wiping off the crumbs of deception from my face. Cheers to dusting off the film of your fabricated fable you persistently boast of. And lastly, cheers to your facade, the one that you deeply feel has everyone fooled. Not everyone.  When your alone in the dark, you will face your own monsters. Unless of course you have no conscience…

It was a very merry tall tale. My only regret is how much of myself I gave to you.

Ms. Knives

An Ode to

I am not a doll or puppet you can neatly take off your shelf and play with, when you are in the mood. You can’t put people away in bins under your bed because you are done with them. Your all or nothing demeanor leaves me left standing without flooring. Its been months and I still can’t get myself to read what i wrote the night “we” ended. I poured my soul onto those pages, am I ready to reopen the wounds?

Ms. Knives

Spotless-Mind Date

I was there. You weren’t. You were in dream land outrunning reality. A modern day Alice. Don’t fall too deep.

“I’m completely elated” she said to me sweetly. He hair blowing in the wind, windows down. Colors are brighter since i met her. Specifically shades of green. I need to catch-up. Quick, pay attention its happening now. Right now, your falling in love. Falling…Close your eyes, savor it. Instant chills from head to toe. You’ve been waitng for this moment. Patient. Open eyes, did I I miss anything? She is smiling at me. I’m nervous.  What time is it? Who cares. Its ending. The moment, its slipping away. “I have to go now” I said. “I’m coming back, will you wait for me?”. Too late…
the damage is already done.
Broken glass everywhere.