Dear you

I hate myself for giving is a chance. Although it made me who I am today. I hate myself for believing your tall tale lies of always being there if I needed you because when I did, I was left with echoes of our unfulfilled and apparently meaningless interaction. I hope I never see you […]

Lost now

The last couple weeks have been a daze. I’ve been in places I never imagined were in me. Lost in the maze of my mind. Your flame in me extinguished. Darkness. No guiding light. No more creation. Back to the numbness I know so well. So cold.Farewell to my star and your dreamsicle fantasy world […]

Mr. Blue

And after boiling the eggs, you stood at my doorway handsome as ever with your cool blue gaze. I always acted unaffected by your looks. I handed you the peeled egg and looked up at you and that was the precise moment you fed me the biggest lie you yourself actually believed. You swallowed me […]