Sour Times

Knives and Tears is a compilation of thoughts and feelings surrounded around sour times in my failed relationships. Moments where I acted out on anger, resentment, confusion, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, jealousy, injustice and many more ugly, ugly words. Those times where mean things were said. Words that can never be taken back.

I hope to gain readers that can relate to my anectodes and can share their sour times too. Failed relationships are no laughing matter. They add up and lead you to ask yourself, is it me? If I am such a good catch then why am I still a mere lady in waiting…

Please submit your SOUR TIMES relationship stories to SOUR TIMES in subject line. It can easily be an anonymous post by sending from you super “anonymous” email. Cheers to sour times and sharing about our failed attemps at love.

One thought on “Sour Times

  1. You will never know the exquisite pain, without the bitter the sweet just isn’t the same.
    Forever Bittersweet.

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